april 5, 2012

  • New BMSR album on the way. Details soon.

  • Hear a song from the new album HERE

  • Spring 2012 tour dates here

    june 27, 2011

  • We came back. 2011 Fall Tour Dates here

  • New shirts and the Dandelion Gum Deluxe Reissue HERE

    february 24, 2010

  • The new TOBACCO album, Maniac Meat will be in stores May 25. Beck shows up on 2 songs to help burn the old apartment down. We'll have a special preorder for the CD and LP versions sometime before the release.

  • There's a TOBACCO spring warm up tour around the country starting March 12. Dates Here

  • We've got a special limited CD bundle in the store: All 4 BMSR albums on CD for $30! Grab it HERE

    december 1, 2009

  • The Seven Fields of Aphelion's first album, Periphery will be out in February on Graveface. Music and photography here

  • The Autumn Kaleidoscope Got Changed has had a manufacturing delay and will now ship in early January. Delays are delays, but it'll be worth the wait.

    september 26, 2009

  • The Autumn Kaleidoscope Got Changed (Album, Sing To Us) + EP, Sing To Us will be given the deluxe reissue treatment on double vinyl.
    Originally a private press CDR from 2001, The Autumn Kaleidoscope Got Changed was never properly released, and mainly just given out to friends. Some material made it onto the first real BMSR album, Falling Through A Field in 2003, but Autumn's sound is more fragile, haunted and acoustic. Included on a specially etched record is EP, Sing To Us, an even less produced CDR made up of songs left off of the album.

  • Special Preorder version will be available along with the regular 2XLP and includes an Autumn Kaleidoscope Tree Girl tshirt. Coming Soon.

  • This will be the first vinyl reissue by Rad Cult in a series of limited vinyl reissues that will cover all of the early and pre-BMSR private press tapes and CDR's.
    Scheduled for future release:
    The Most Wonderfulest Thing (2002)
    Flower Slides (2000)
    The Anti-Freakout Method + Violet Induced Armpit: Good Songs Infinity (1999)
    Bad Vibrations (1999)
    EP 97 + The F-ed Sound (1997/1998)
    EP 96 (1996)

    september 15, 2009

  • new videos for tooth decay (directed by PFFR of Wondershowzen) and born on a day (directed by tobacco):

    january 31, 2009

  • we've got a new record called Eating Us coming out may 26 in north america. this one's produced by dave fridmann. there'll be a deluxe hand-numbered cd version that comes in a hairy sleeve. scratch n sniff is too 2008 for us. tracklisting is on our catalog page.

  • we'll be playing shows again soon.

    october 16, 2008

  • F***ed Up Friends is here. get it on cd/limited lp here. digital version also available at itunes and emusic.

  • if you live in japan, a special japanese version of Drippers came out this week courtesy of art union/moamoo records. we will not be able to sell them on our site, but you can pick one up at tower records japan or hmv japan. if you want the scratch n sniff u.s. version, it's only available here until it hits u.s. stores november 4.

    HMV Japan and Tower Records Japan displays

    september 29, 2008

  • f***ed up friends is available for preorder now on cd and vinyl. all orders will arrive by the release date of october 14. order here.

    september 16, 2008

  • the unofficial follow-up to dandelion gum comes out october 14 in the states via anticon. it's called f***ed up friends and is under the name, tobacco, rather than bmsr. it's not a side project like most people think. it's just what i'm doing now. cd and vinyl available soon.

  • bmsr is filling our last show commitments while we go on a hiatus until a day that hasn't been decided yet. we'll be in kalamazoo on oct 18, and chicago for the graveface day of the dead party on nov 1. more details here

  • the bmsr drippers ep will be in stores november 4. it's pretty limited, and will come in 5 scratch and sniff flavors. fruit punch, campfire, firecracker, tomato, and dirt. they're random, so you'll have to go to the store to smell for yourself. or order one here and now.

  • come out next week to see me and seven fields of aphelion playing with why? in chicago on sept 26 and minneapolis sept 27. if you've seen the tobacco/beta carnage dvd or missed it, we hope you'll enjoy our new show.

    july 9, 2008

  • we will be releasing a new ep exclusively on this website in september called drippers. you can preorder it now in our catalog page.

  • in the meantime, we are giving away a bunch of our old unreleased songs. it's called bonus drippers and you can download it for free at any of the following links:

    january 12, 2008

  • we have a new 7" single coming out in the spring as well as some really strange collaboration work later in the year. i've also got a new album coming out under my own birthname, tobacco.

  • oh yeah, and the dandelion gum double LP will finally be out in march. i took a long time finishing it, but i promise it will look and smell really good. the vinyl is pink and there is an extra song that was left off of the cd version. preorders on the catalog page coming soon!

  • and lastly, we're nominated for a plug award this year for best avant album. you can vote for dandelion gum here.

    december 8, 2007

  • we're not very informative these days, so here's what's been happening.

  • just got home from a 3 month tour with the flaming lips in sept and aesop rock in october/november. we got really lucky to go out with the 2 nicest groups of people in music. anyone we tour with in the future will have super huge shoes to fill.

  • did anyone get my tobacco dvd? there weren't many pressed, and there are only about 100 copies left. there's a weird manufacturing error that makes some higher scale dvd players chop up the audio. i don't understand it, but it plays fine in cheap players or playstation 2. so buy at your own risk, and buy here.

  • if everything works out, we'll be touring for 3 weeks around the country in march. that'll be the only touring next year since we'll be working on something new.

  • i promise to do a better job with this news section in '08.

    april 25, 2007

  • new american apparel t-shirts for sale on the catalog page. we've got brown shirts with pink logo and gold shirts with white logo

  • We're in the current issue of Rolling Stone! David Fricke put us in his 4 best bands of SXSW article:

    "They didn't look psychedelic, just confused. The female drummer wore a toucan mask and her sweat-shirt hood pulled druid-style over her head. A woman playing keyboards had on a fur hat with bobcat ears. The singer sat on the floor, invisible, crooning through a vocoder. But musically, this bucolic-futurist quintet was a firmly directed trip: pillowy synth chords and day-glo songcraft nailed to Earth by insistent backbeats. Formed in 2003, Black Moth have a sizable library of CDs to their name. Renown should follow. HEAR THEM The group's latest disc is Dandelion Gum (Graveface)"

    Pitchfork also put our song Sun Lips in their forkcast section:

    On Repeat: Black Moth Super Rainbow: "Sun Lips" [MP3]
    BMSR apparently like a bit of mystery, hiding their members behind names like Tobacco and Father Hummingbird and positing their music as something they stumbled upon in the Western Pennsylvania wilderness. Now based in Pittsburgh, they're on the verge of releasing their third full-length Dandelion Gum next month. "Sun Lips" is a good introduction to their sound, combining a synth that sound like the woozy Mellotron from the opening to "Strawberry Fields Forever" with vocodered vocals that conjure not so much robots as the larynx-shredding effects of inhaled Scotchgard. Indeed, Ween circa the Pod is an apt reference point, but these guys are way less dark and a touch more hippy. There's not much more to the song than these couple ingredients, but the unassuming melody is just right for the sentiment ("I love to be with you/ And the sun will rise, the sun will rise") even as the queasy music works against it. The warm summer feeling fantasy seems real but is also tinged with irony, as the music also sounds dank, interior, and hermetic.

  • we'll be playing 3 shows in new york this week. and we're with deerhunter, dirty projectors, and awesome color in brooklyn on saturday! come out!!

    march 24, 2007

  • Dandelion Gum is now up for presale on the catalog page!

  • We're looking for an amazing animator to make a video for a song off of Dandelion Gum. We have no budget, and can only pay in music and tshirts, but we hope that's not too much of a deterrent. If you're interested, hit me up at tobacco [@] blackmothsuperrainbow.com

  • We had a beautiful time at our first SXSW this year. Here's what some people had to say:

    New York Times
    Black Moth Super Rainbow, a band from Pennsylvania, makes its music from a nest of analog keyboards and a rhythm section. Its songs are pulsating neo-psychedelia, driving and dizzying, with vamps that keep on building as the keyboard sounds go whizzing, bubbling, zapping and swooping above the beat. Vocals are run through a vocoder for a vintage robotic tone, repeating lines like "I love to be with you, and this time we'll rise" or "We miss you in the summertime." Above the band, a screen showed eye-popping video animations: wildly proliferating plants, cartoon people and food in metamorphosis. The band's albums revolve around stories and concepts--its current one, "Dandelion Gum," is a tale of witches in a forest--but onstage, its music was one glorious buzz.

    Chicago Tribune
    THE DAY'S BEST BAND: Pittsburgh mind-melters the Black Moth Super Rainbow. The band performed while accompanied by surreal nature cartoons, which suited their trancy, propulsive synth-skronk just fine.

    Our show with The Octopus Project at Elysium was really loud and really fun too:

    Gil Kaufman: The apocalyptic atmosphere on Sixth Street described above made it feel as if all hell could break loose at any moment, and that's kind of what it sounded like at Elysium during the scorched-earth show from Pennsylvania psychedelic rockers Black Moth Super Rainbow (that's the best band name ever), who performed with Austin's equally trip-tacultar Octopus Project. The instrumental experimentalists created a thundering, paisley explosion of beats and noise that might be the sound of a spaceship taking off if its engines were made of two sets of drums, a bass, guitar, sitar, two glowing tambourines, a Theremin and four keyboards.

    Thanks to everyone who came out to see us on our tour of the south and to everyone who made our SXSW shows a success!

    february 12, 2007

  • Dandelion Gum will now be in stores on may 15 via graveface/southern records in north america only. We are excited since we've put alot of hard work into this record over the past 3 years. It wouldn't be right to leave the concept out, so here is an excerpt from the press release:

    "Dandelion Gum" (2007) is a loosely based concept record about witches who make candy in the forest. Each of its 16 songs represent a different candy-induced freakout in the gooiest and sweetest ways possible. Songs that are built to stick in your head for hours meet textures that are impossible to scrape off your teeth. You might not even realize that the sunny melody you're humming to yourself all day has so many hidden layers behind it - all hummable as well. It's as accessible of a record as it is abstract, and as bright on the surface as it is moody underneath. "Dandelion Gum" feels as colorful and sticky as its name suggests. Recorded over the course of 3 years, "Dandelion Gum" is a product of the woods. It is deeply inspired by stories passed down from relatives and ones the band created themselves after long nights in the cabin. The best of those stories, and one that we hope could be true, is of the sisters who refused to leave their shack deep within the forest. The sisters (or witches as they are lovingly referred to in local folklore) were truly scary and it is said they would concoct all kinds of sugary treats for anyone foolish or adventurous enough to wander that deep. Most likely, this is an allegory for drugs and you can come up with whatever seemingly appropriate type of operation those women were running. But the stories of the individuals who made it back home are some of the most fucked up stories around. Some are really bright, some are really sad, and some are designed to make you think about life and rainbows and death. BMSR wants you to feel that when listening to this record. And then they want you to remember it all day, and try it again tomorrow...

  • We will be touring to SXSW and back, starting March 10 in Nashville. We'll be doing a special one-time performance with The Octopus Project, playing together as one band, at Fanatic's SXSW showcase on March 17 @ Elysium. Check out the rest of the dates here.

  • If you live in the Pittsburgh area, come see us play with The Apples In Stereo tonight!